se alice i underlandet i VR p VR-rummet i Lund och Nordic Panorama


Alice in VR – Trailer Draft 5 (50MB)

Alice in VR – Fall down the rabbit hole as Alice in Wonderland!
One of the world’s most read stories feels like a natural match for VR.
Grab and drink from the bottle and become tiny, eat the cake and become huge!
In this mini-adventure Alice meets the waterpipe smoking caterpillar, a cosy turtle, singing carrots and jumping frogs
Travel down underground, experience adventure and listen to chatter from the Cheshire Cat and strange cabbage heads alike
Teleport around the White Rabbit’s warren, grab books and explore the corners
Estimated playtime of 10-15 minutes
The gameplay consists of light interactions (simple grab mechanics, teleportation, growing & shrinking, and a long fall down the rabbit hole)
Experience vignettes directly from & inspired by the original story
Made in Sweden

Alice sniglar 2 marsAlice drink me 2 marsAlice kristaller 2 marsalice kaninahåla 2 marsAlice tunnel 2 marsalice in VR affisch

Alice in VR

Alice in VR trailer -fall ner i kaninhålet -drick ur flaskan och bli pytteliten- ät en jordgubbsbakelse och bli jättestor…

Publicerat av Alice in VR Fredag 2 mars 2018

IMG_1721Prova att vara Alice i denna VR-upplevelse!!!alice in VR 2

åk med henne i tunnel och upplev äventyr och svammel i egen VR-design

se alice i underlandet i VR p VR-rummet i Lund och Nordic Panorama

VR-rummet Lund


Möt oss i VR-rummet på Nordisk Panorama 24-25 september 13-18

Möt oss i VR-rummet på Stenkrossen i Lund i smaband med alice i underlandet-föreställningen av Lilla Teatern i Lund.